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As turntables and vinyl seem to be hitting a new strides with newfound success in the DJ and consumer markets; the manufacturers who create these turntables are giving users options for all budgets and performance levels. Reloop has introduced a new video to accompany their new Direct Drive Entry level turntables with USB connectivity (for transferring a vinyl music library to the computer) called the RP-2000USB. These aren’t the powerhouse Super-OEM RP-6000/7000/8000, but they cost less than half of those models and they can still get the DJ-job done at a much lower cost.

Of course, with the Super-OEM, Vestax, and Technics model turntables the motor strength will be greater and there are even more features and adjustment options, but for a beginner to intermediate level DJ that is looking to get their feet wet in the vinyl or DVS world the Reloop RP-2000 USB will definitely fit the bill and it won’t cost an arm and a leg in the process…

Reloop RP-2000USB Turntables

The RP-2000 USB is a strong Quartz controlled direct drive turntable great for professionals.
As opposed to belt drive turntables the RP2000 USB generates superior torque by directly transferring engine power to the driving collar giving a much quicker Start and accurate Play.

Uploading your Vinyl to digital is easy via the high resolution USB connection. Set up is fast, as installing a driver isn’t necessary when connecting to your recording software. There’s no need for grounding the RP-2000 with the integrated equalizing pre amp line / phono connection. The high powered direct drive motor gives you perfect speed when recording and launching vinyl making this USB Turntable simple to set up and unparalled in its price range.

Type: 2 speeds 33 1/3, 45 rpm, fully manual
Motor: 8 pole, 2 phase, brushless dc motor
Starting torque: > 1,000 g/cm
Start/stop time: < 1 sec.
Rotational speed transition: < 1 sec.
Wow & flutter: < 0,15% W RMS at 33 1/3 RPM
S/N ratio: > 50 dB (DIN – B)
Anti-skating range: 0 – 7 g
Adjustable tracking force: 0 – 4 g
Total connected load: 7.5 watts
Power supply: 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 450 x 352 x 144 mm
Weight: 9.5 kg
Incl. Audio Technica 3600 L system with headshell & slipmat

Quarz-controlled DJ turntable with direct drive
Extremely high-powered motor
Phono and line output (no grounding necessary)
USB audio output for digitizing records

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